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ArtPlayer is part of Cumedin ApS, a culture and media company focused on the distribution of TV and digital signage art to airports, hotels, restaurants, libraries, hospitals etc. Our vision is to become the leading global provider of digital art ready-made themes that can be adjusted according to taste, interest and purpose for displaying in public spaces and the future digital home.

ArtPlayer quotes

* ''Danish firm puts art on-screen. The latest in the glut of low-cost and no-cost digital-signage systems for small users comes with a highbrow twist.'' -

* ''Not all content to digital signage need to be advertising. A Danish firm, Cumedin, has started an interesting new content service that in particular can be used for digital signage.'' -

* ''New on the market ... Designed for quieter settings, ArtPlayer displays high-resolution fine art images, such as Van Gogh, Monet, and others, on any screen that is attached to an internet-enabled PC.'' - QSR magazine

* ''Show beautiful art on the flat screen. Art displayed on a flat screen can be a good way to get color and culture in the home or office - without spending millions on the genuine works of art.'' - Komputer for alle

* ''Impressionist Monet artworks in the reception or evocative Renoir images of amusement life at Le Moulin de la Galette in Paris on the wall in the restaurant. A new digital service - ArtPlayer - can through a regular computer display international artworks on flat screens that can hang in both the reception, restaurant or hotel lobby ... In addition to the artworks, it is possible to show their own text messages at the bottom of the screen - about when the hotel's reception is open or on special offer at the restaurant for the next period.'' - hotel & restaurant

* ''Among the potential benefits for users, according to Cumedin, are not only edutainment and the creation of an upmarket atmosphere. They suggest that healthcare organisations can also benefit from the stimulation provided by art to improve patient recovery times.'' -

* ''In Denmark, meanwhile, the public library in Taarnby, near Copenhagen, has found that public displays can allow it to exhibit material that wouldn’t otherwise be available. It is sending a feed from Cumedin’s ArtPlayer system, which shows famous artworks from the likes of Monet and Van Gogh, to the digital-signage platform from Black Box which already powered its informational displays.

Said the library’s IT specialist Carsten Bo Vilhelmsen: “This year, we have displayed over 500,000 ArtPlayer images and brought a great ambience as well as edutainment to all our visitors.” These screens may not be selling anything, but you can bet they’re providing uplift of a different sort.'' -

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